In honor of all the graduations occurring in the next month, I’m joining with a fabulous group of writers to share what I wanted to be when I grew up.

Awhile back, I did a similar blog post, called Truck Driver, NFL Referee or NOT. In that post I talked a little bit about aspirations and how those change over the years. And yes – when I was little, I wanted to drive one of these:

Photo by Spanish Coches via Wikimedia Commons


For the longest time, I wanted to be the first female NFL referee.


Photo courtesy of MorgueFile


Then I wanted to be an architect. I would study the floor plans in home magazines and create my own dream mansions on paper. My favorite feature that I just had to have in my future home – a sweeping staircase and a bridge. Like the one in the photo below.

sweeping staircase and bridge


Then I realized being an architect required something like five years of college and at the time, the job prospects weren’t that stellar. That’s when I decided, I’d start a career at a fancy hotel. I’d work my way up from concierge to hotel manager.


Photo courtesy of MorgueFile

But then this happened…

hurdles in hs

That’s me on the right – running track in high school. This sparked my desire to be a sports journalist. Which morphed into wanting to be Katie Couric. (Yes, I used Katie Couric to describe “the career.”) That was until I realized how early one has to wake up if they are going to be on the Today Show. Ugghhh. Not an option for this night owl.

Ultimately I earned a couple degrees in business and for my day job, I work in healthcare IT. But at night I’m doing what I think deep down I always wanted to be – a writer. My novels are about athletic girls chasing their dreams – in sport, in life, and in love. So I guess I did end up being a sports writer after all.

How about you? What were your sky high aspirations when you were younger?

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5 thoughts on “Writer Wednesday: What You Wanted to be When You Grew Up

  1. It’s pretty cool how you came full circle from wanting to be a journalist writing about sports to writing novels that feature sports & athletes. Life has a funny way of doing that, doesn’t it? 🙂
    I’ve always wanted to teach and help others, and while that’s not my day job, in one way or another I find ways to do that.

    Girl, that pic of you doing the hurdles– AWESOME!

    1. Awww, thanks, Pris. It’s funny how I didn’t really have the epiphany about the sports journalist to sports romance novelist until I wrote this post. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Asking about sky aspirations of a romance writer is dangerous. I have an overactive imagination so the list was long and fluid. Paramedic, Jedi Knight, Fighter pilot. Nice thing about being a writer is that I can pretend to be any of those things. 😉

    1. It certainly is one of my favorite parts of being a writer, Tracy. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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