Here’s another sample of the variety of ridiculous comments I’ve received on the blog lately.  It’s obvious they don’t read the blog and I hate, abhor, no detest SPAM.  But this does lend a little humor to the situation and it gives me a great subject to post about:

#1 POSTED COMMENT: I think one of your advertisings caused my browser to resize, you might want to put that on your blacklist.  POSTED BY: cesartipswordrddg@xxxxxcom

MY RESPONSE (in my head of course because I’d never respond to any of these spammers): Well isn’t that weird…I don’t have any advertisements on my site. 

#2 POSTED COMMENT: I am planning to go to Indonesia in the winter, I really enjoy reading about it, I want to know more about the people of Indonesia how they live and where they live POSTED BY:

MY RESPONSE: Hmmmmm — I’ve never posted anything about Indonesia or their people.  Now ask me about Great Britain and I can probably help you out a bit.

#3 POSTED COMMENT: Any used title marker may be the subsequent progress during identify badge technologies. Identify tags are usually a strong very important factor of the businesses together with we’re extremely pleased introducing these kind of complicated completely new goods towards the marketplace. Visit united states today. POSTED BY:

MY RESPONSE: Scratching head in confusion and rubbing the rambling induced headache away.  And what the heck does that have to do with anything on TL’s DreamWorld?

#4 POSTED COMMENT: A raised vegetable garden is an perfect way of expanding your personal fresh veggies. You are able to create your personal raised vegetable garden in nearly any part of the garden provided that it gets good sunlight. POSTED BY:

MY RESPONSE: Thanks gardenideas.  And yes – I am aware of the benefits of a raised vegetable garden, in fact, my strawberry patch is a raised bed variety.  Not sure what relevance it has to my post on Editing a MS, but okay…

Feel free to cast your vote for the craziest comment of the week.  But I limit the time to post comments to two days, so I only have to weed through 60 or 70 SPAM messages, not 100’s. 

I promise to approve legitimate comments. But remember – you only have two days. Starting now!!

Until next time…