Fergie (aka @FergiePaws)  is our almost two-year old Portuguese Water Dog.  She’s a bundle of energy and fun.  Yesterday morning while I was on a conference call she decided to do her morning blitz.

Here’s a wonderful example of the Fergie Blitz:


So this is what she’s doing while I’m on my conference call, and it’s my turn to speak. Uggh!! Luckily I work with people who have a great sense of humor and just laugh when it sounds like the carpet is being ripped up by Fergie racing circles between my office, the bedroom and the hallway.  Ha. Ha.

When I got off the call, I thought everything was fine.  Fergie had passed out in her favorite spot at the top of the stairs.  But here was my first clue that something was amiss…


Yup – it’s an empty toilet paper roll…

Imagine my surprise… NOT… to find this in the bathroom:

IMG_1341     IMG_1342

Yup – she’d shredded an entire roll of toilet paper.  How she got the paper off the roll without shredding the cardboard is a mystery.

And this is Fergie’s impossible-to-stay-angry-with self after I cleaned up her mess…


Happy almost Thanksgiving week!!!  Peace