Last week my daughter’s Health & Wellness class had homework for the parents. We were asked what advice would you give your child that would help them meet their goals. At the time I could only come with something lame like, work hard and don’t be afraid of chasing your dreams, but be flexible.  Seriously? What kind of shizzle is that?  Sure it’s true, but not that helpful.

What I really should have said was this…

Approach life #2


Negative thoughts are distractions that cloud your mind, fill you with fear, and sabotage your path to success.  When you bring positivity and enthusiasm to everything you do, you are far more likely to be successful and attain your goals. If you believe in yourself, it’s almost impossible to fail, unless you give up. You know why? Because if you believe in yourself, you’ll keep trying if you don’t succeed the first time. And you’ll keep trying until you get it right.

So when I’m in a low in my writing, I remind myself what I love about creating stories, and that enthusiasm keeps me going, despite the inevitable highs and lows that comes with the publishing business.

Do you have words you live by?

– TL –