Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles will make you fall in love with contemporary YA.  The story, told in alternating POV of Alex, a Latino member of a gang in the suburbs of Chicago and Brittany, the All-American girl who appears to have it all.  

For the first few chapters, I didn’t like Alex.  He was arrogant and spiteful and don’t get me started on “the bet.”  I liked how Brittany dished it right back to Alex and was compelled to keep reading to find out how everything would turn out.  The book is aptly titled with a wonderful dual meaning and the chemistry between Alex and Brittany is amazing and captured so well on the page.   Alex turned into quite an awesome character who you just have to cheer for. 

It was really cool to read a book with multi-cultural characters that seemed to be so authentic.  It was a fabulous book and I just bought, Rules of Attraction which follows the story of Alex’s brother, Carlos.  

perfect chemistry 

This gets four out of four clouds in TL’s Dreamworld.  Go read it.  Like yesterday!!!

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