I’m headed to NYC for RWA Nationals. This will be my first conference and I am excited to learn tons from the workshops and get to meet some fabulous like-minded writerly types. I’m also looking forward to putting a face with a lot of folks I’ve met virtually in classes and through various online writing communities.

To send me off in a great frame of mind, at 8:26 last night I received the following text message from my second teen beta reader: Omg! I’m LOOOOOVING YOUR BOOK! But I have a question.

I fired off a quick reply, followed by a brief exchange about a question she had about a couple characters. Then she sent me this text: It’s awesome though :)!! Whew…..I can’t put this book down….No lie.

Of course, I did a happy dance, because that’s what you want to hear about your book. Then this morning I got a text that she finished and said she wants the lead in the movie. Now that’s visionary thinking….  Laughing She called it, “a twist on the teenage world with a hint of romance and chunk of magic.”

I’m thrilled that the story is resonating with my teen betas especially and they find it depicts a well rounded view of the life of a couple extraordinary teenagers. It doesn’t hurt that my adult betas have enjoyed it too.

Soon the real challenge begins. The quest for an agent…

Wish me luck.