Thank you BBC1 for turning me on to yet another amazing British artist.  This time it’s solo artist Gabrielle Aplin with the song The Power of Love.  Seriously – both the song and Product Detailsvideo are chill-inducing.  What the heck is chill-inducing you ask?  It’s when you have chills up your arms because it’s THAT freakin’ good.  What I love so much about the song – coupled with the beautifully captivating videography and Gabrielle’s amazing voice – is how it captures the essence of being in love.  A raw, all consuming, burns-your-soul kind of love.   Here are two examples from the lyrics:

When the chips are down I’ll be around
With my undying death defying love for you

Love is danger, love is pleasure
Love is pure, the only treasure

I know, right?!! Now check out the video and tell me if you agree…




Soooooo, what’d ya think?  This is definitely on my playlist for Becca and Trent.  They’re the main characters in my latest young adult novel that’s “Under Construction.”  Do you have any “If you like Gabrielle Aplin, then you’ll love x” suggestions?  Feel free to pass along.  I’m always on the lookout for new music to love.

Happy Thursday!!