This song was featured at the end of last week’s episode of Reign.  First of all – if you haven’t seen that show, you must check it out.  It’s historical intrigue and debauchery at it’s finest.  Think The Tudors for teens with a love triangle that’s crazy good.

Not to mention some awesome music.  It’s cool to hear some of my favorite artists like London Grammar, Gabrielle Aplin and Florence & The Machine have songs featured in various episodes. 

So back to Active Child and the video.  What do you think ?  Don’t you just love the gorgeous scenery, along with Pat Grossi’’s voice.  Yup, Active Child is one of my new favorite artists and on the playlist for the next installment of my Scottish Immortal series.

And for your listening pleasure…here’s another awesome track called Silhouette, featuring Ellie Goulding.  Happy listening.  Peace