The best music is music that can make you think as well as feel, sounds that are as visceral as they are cerebral. And the best love songs are those that acknowledge that the power of human sexuality can be just as terrifying as it is thrilling, that the passion that leads us to love can also lead us into dark, dark places. – Ghostly International

Uhmm, yeah!  Love that description. Don’t you?  If you read this blog, you know I love “moody” music that makes me want to put the headphones on, crank the volume, close my eyes and FEEL the music. That feeling is hard to quantify in words, but let me just say that the best moody songs make my soul ache.  Seriously.  And I find it especially helpful when I’m writing angsty scenes in my YA novels.  And their album cover art’s not bad, either. 

So today, as I listen to Pandora, Safety’s Off by Beacon comes on:


This is a perfect writing song for me.  Ambient vibes, good beats and understated lyrics.  Love! Love! LOVE!  So I go to Amazon to see what else they have and BONUS!!  Amazon has Beacon’s MP3 single Bring You Back’ target=_blank>Bring You Back for $0.00.  Yup!  It’s FREE!!  Yeah – I know I should be boycotting Amazon with the whole Amazon vs. Hachette issue – but free is free.  That song is now loaded onto the playlist for Book 2 of my Immortal series.

And…DOUBLE BONUS!!  Go to Beacon’s website and they have a free download of So Anxious.

Happy listening. Peace