So this month for Writer’s Wednesday, we’re blogging about what’s in our bag.

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I carry a bag. Not a purse. Because I’m just not a purse kinda girl. It’s this cool crossbody from REI. Isn’t that embroidered design cool? And the neutral gray and black goes with everything!! I actually have a weakness for bags and quite a collection of the utility-type variety. What the heck is a utility-type bag you may ask?


— Can be worn across the body – you know – like a messenger bag

Roomy enough for my Surface Pro 3 and a book or Kindle. (However not too big that I look like a hobo. Not that there’s anything wrong with looking like a hobo, it’s just not generally how I roll)

— Plenty of cool pockets and compartments to keep my stuff organized

But you really want to know what I’m hiding in that bag, don’t you? Well – let’s see what I’ve got in here…

This by Tinrocket-2016-08-08-22-27-47

Contents of the main pocket

This by Tinrocket-2016-08-08-22-45-48

  These items were stashed in a couple other pockets

This by Tinrocket-2016-08-08-22-59-39

And this is what’s in the last little zip pocket

So what I’m wondering is what all this stuff says about me? I’m thinking that I’m organized and pretty neat. What do you think? Care to share what’s in your bag?

Thanks so much for stopping by. And be sure to check out what some of my author friends have in their bags. .Nerd smile

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10 thoughts on “Now this–I’ve got in the bag

    1. Thanks, Carol. I try. 😉 I have two other bags by REI with a similar embroidered design. One is a sage green color and the other is blue. I go a little overboard once I find a design I like…

  1. Very neat. My new bag has a strap long enough for cross body wear, but I just can’t get the hang of that. Pulled up to its shortest length, it’s just right for a shoulder bag.

    1. Thanks, Kay. I love bags that have straps versatile enough to wear over the shoulder and cross body, because sometimes only an over the shoulder bag will do. 🙂

  2. I like your bag! It makes carrying all the essentials so much easier. And I see we’re both Altoid and pen carriers…. ;0)

    1. Thanks, Tammy. Yes – I’m going for form and function, rather than style. However, I am a total “granola” girl, so this actually fits my style perfectly. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, Wendy! REI is one of my favorite stores and I spend WAY too much money there. And I made the annotated photos using an app on my phone called This.

  3. Not only is your bag super organized, the pics you posted are labeled!! I am impressed!
    I am digging your messenger bag. Might have to look into getting one. They look great for traveling!

    1. Awww… thanks, Pris. I swear by messenger bags because they are so versatile. Especially with lugging my writing stuff around to the kids’ sporting events, yet being somewhat stylish. And yes – it’s perfect for traveling.

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