I have THE BEST volunteer gig, working in the Media Center of my daughter’s school.  I could go on and on about why it’s so freakin’ amazing, but I’ve narrowed it down to a new feature on my blog called Five Reasons Why

Number Five: A book nerd surrounded by thousands and thousands of books. That’s also called heavlibrary 2en

Number Four: Getting to do the behind the scenes library stuff – such as cataloging, book repair and installing Tattle-Tapeis like recess for a book nerd.  Except for that nasty metal cut I got about a month ago while installing Tattle-Tape in a book.  Who knew it could be so dangerous.

Number Three: A book nerd (err..me) likens shelving treasure chestbooks to a treasure hunt.  Who knows what gems of bookish goodness one might happen upon in the stacks.  Needless to say, my TBR pile has expand exponentially since I started volunteering.

Number Two: Chatting it up with the kids about books they’ve read and what they did and didn’t like. I love hearing recommendations from them about books.  And meeting other book nerds. Smile

And hands down, the BEST thing about my Media Center gig is…

Number One: When a student asks me for help in finding a book… and then said student actually ask my opinion of the book… and then said student actually checks out the book I recommended.  Aaahhh!! 

Sharing the love of literature with a young person is overwhelmingly fulfilling!  I think that sums up why I write young adult fiction too. Smile