Yesterday I had one of the proudest moments as a parent.  My demure tween auditioned for a play!!  This is the same child who can barely order a burrito at Moe’s and who doesn’t raise her hand in class. 

Late last year, she announced she wanted to try acting.  I said cool and we talked about what she could do to make that dream a reality.  We tossed around drama camp, classes and being an extra in one of the File:529747075 GaSFc-L.jpgmany films being shot in our area.  A couple weeks later, she came home with a flyer announcing auditions for a local production of Once Upon a Mattress.  

We tacked the flyer to the refrigerator, I blocked my calendar and we counted down the days.   

The audition consisted of three parts:

Dancing – they were taught choreography and then had to perform a waltz.  Considering she is a USAG Level 8 imagegymnast – that was just another day at the office for her. 

Singing –  She claims she can’t sing, but all were asked first to sing in a group and then do a solo.  I would never had been able to do the solo.  EVER.  Give me a crowded roomimage, a podium and a speech and I’m your gal.  But sing in front of others – No Freakin’ Way.  But my incredibly awesome kid DID it!!!  Yeah she was a little off key for parts and wouldn’t have gotten a ticket to Hollywood, but SHE DID IT!!! 

Reading Lines – I was a little worried about this part considering she is so soft-spoken.  But she projected her voice and read with expression.  Then they were given a word and they had to show that word with their facial expression, then with their body language.  She showed sad well.  Smile

Now she’s in waiting mode until they make a decision on the final cast.  Hopefully she’ll get a part, but with imageover one hundred kids trying out for fifty-five parts, she’s got about a fifty-fifty shot.  Even if she doesn’t get it, she said she’s definitely auditioning for more plays. 

This quote was on the wall in one of the classrooms they were using for the auditions: 

Dreams without action stay dreams.

How true that is… and my daughter’s dream to be cast in the musical reminds me of the journey I’ve embarked to get my young adult novels in the hands of teens around the world.  One’s dream to get published takes action – writing a story, perfecting your craft, perseverance, persistence and a lot of luck. 

Speaking of luck — Good luck B!  I hope your dream comes true!!