Last week Ed Sheeran won the Best Male Solo Artist at the Brit Awards.  His performance of his hit song “Lego House” was masterful.   

If you’ve never seen the official video for “Lego House” you’ll want to check it out.  Harry Potter fans will immediately recognize someone they’ve grown to love.  Be sure to watch the entire video because the last minute or so will give you a chuckle.

Ed Sheeran – Lego House (Official Video) from Ed Sheeran on Vimeo.

Brilliant huh?  Now if you liked that, I bet you’ll find Sheeran’s lastest video, for “Drunk” more humorous. The refrain will have you singing along and the video will make you laugh out loud; especially if you read the cat’s subtitles.

TL’s DrEaM wOrLd official disclaimer: I do not condone underage drinking. If you’re going to drink, please do so responsibly.

(video embedded from

Ed Sheeran will be touring the States beginning with a concert in Orlando on March 29th.  Check him out in a city near you