Imagine a world where impending death was announced by a Deathday Letter.  When it was your time to go, you’d receive a letter telling you that within twenty-four hours, you’d be dead.  What would you do with that time?  This book is about fifteen year old Ollie Travers and what he does with his last day.  It’s morbidly hilarious with wonderful insight into an adolescent male mind.  Which by the way is why it was on my To Read Pile.  Remember how I need to work on “manning up” my male characters? 

Ollie’s voice is fun and engaging.  He’s honest and most of all really a cool guy who I enjoyed spending 240 pages with.  Ollie’s friends Shane and Ronnie (Veronica) were great sidekicks and the family dynamics, especially Nana, were comical.  There is a little debauchery (drugs, sexual innuendo, a strip club) but hey – the kid had less than twenty-four hours…

The entire book had me laughing and cringing and yes – even crying at the end. 


The Deathday Letter by Shaun David Hutchinson is getting three out four clouds in TL’s Dreamworld.