How about an update on the WIP?  I’ve re-visioned during the editing phase, which is taking a lot of work.  My brain is overloaded with my characters and plotting and trying to spoil their perfectly happy lives.  Feedback from some CPs have indicated that I need more conflict, which has resulted in new scenes and a lot of reordering of events.  I want to say I’m close to being finished.  But alas, I’ve said that before. 

Plotting and scheming for book two… And I am tossing around some other ideas for other projects not related to the trilogy I’m working on. 

New Music (at least to me) I’m listening to:

Lungs by Florence & The Machine

Dark is the Way, Light is the Place by Anberlin

Awesome read – The Truth Book by Joy Castro.  I was in the library and happily happened upon this book.  It’s a subject that hits close to home, as I was raised JW.  Another topic for another day… When I get a chance, perhaps I’ll review it.  I still need to let it resonate with my soul. 

Ohhhh and major cool news.  I got to meet the fantabulous, incredible, super awesome author Simone Elkeles!!!  Details forthcoming in a future post.

Until then… I’ll be in my DrEaM WoRlD…